From Construction to Mining to Forestry to Public Needs:

With Mastrangelo Fuels, you never have to worry about putting your business on hold while you’re on hold with your fuel and lubricant supplier. When you’re successful, we’re successful. That’s what drives business today and that’s what drives the people at Mastrangelo Fuels. We understand the importance of keeping your fleet and equipment operating. That’s why we back the products of Petro Canada.

Superior lubricants and grease products along with outstanding fuels are offered by the team of knowledgeable and reliable professionals at Mastrangelo Fuels. A team you just can’t beat. Whether you sign up for our dependable, scheduled service or our responsive, call-up service, we work hard to make sure your fuel and lubricant needs are backed by our experienced and courteous staff – 365 days a year.

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